Ahram Choi

Principal Solicitor, Youth Law Australia, UNSW Sydney





Areas of Expertise

A generalist children’s and human rights lawyer and legal practice manager, her expertise includes child protection, family violence, technology-enabled abuse, family law, international human rights law and the delivery of innovative legal services.

Relevant Experience

As the principal solicitor of the YLA, Ahram manages a national legal practice and has expert knowledge and experience in interpreting all relevant Commonwealth and state and territory legislative frameworks. Ahram advises approximately 2000 clients annually on a broad range of legal issues, including domestic and family violence, sexual assault, family law and technology-enabled abuse.

In her senior roles at the YLA, Ahram has successfully project managed a number of legal and policy projects, including a research project on the need to reform NSW laws and policies with regard to cyberbullying, sexting and image-based abuse, and a human rights project to develop the Australian Child Rights Taskforce’s alternative report to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child with regard to Australia’s compliance to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Ahram is also a member of the Children’s Legal Issues Committee with the Law Society of NSW.

Relevant Projects

Ahram is a member the Law Society of NSW’s Children’s Legal Issues Committee and was the Law Society’s representative on the Steering Committee for ‘Voice2Action’, a research partnership between Youth Justice NSW, the Department of Customer Service and the Customer Service Commission.

Ahram has worked on a number of consulting projects with SPRC:

  • Evaluation of three Initiatives: A Place To Go, Broadmeadow Children’s Court Pilot and Thriving Families NSW – NSW Department of Communities and Justice. (2020)
  • Opportunities for Information Sharing: Case Studies  – NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. (2014-2015)
  • Research on Youth Exposure to, and Management of, Cyber-Bullying Incidents in Australia – Australian Government, Department of Communications. (2014)

Selected recent publications

Child Rights Taskforce, 2016. CRC25 Australian Child Rights Progress Report: A report on 25 years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Australia. UNICEF Australia and National Children’s and Youth Law Centre.

Keeley M; Bullen JE; Bates S; Katz I; Choi A, 2015, Opportunities for Information Sharing: Case studies, Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW, Sydney, SPRC Report 04/2015, http://www.sprc.unsw.edu.au/media/SPRCFile/SPRC_Report__Opportunities_for_Information_Sharing.pdf

Keeley M, Choi A, Muhunthan J & Rapaport P, 2013. Caps, Apps and Other Mobile Traps: Responding to young Australian’s financial and legal issues arising from their mobile phone usage. Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, 2013.

Tallon K, Choi A, Keeley M, Elliott J & Maher D, 2012. New Voices / New Laws: School-age young people in New South Wales speak out about the criminal laws that apply to their online behaviour, Sydney, National Children’s and Youth Law Centre and Legal Aid NSW

Child Rights Taskforce, 2011. Listen to Children: 2011 Child Rights NGO Report Australia. Sydney, National Children’s and Youth Law Centre and UNICEF Australia.

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