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A fake ID is one that doesn’t belong to you, has been made illegally or has been changed (for example to make you look older). Most of the time it’s against the law to make, have or use a fake ID for anything, including to get into a pub, club or bar or to buy alcohol. It’s also against the law to lend your ID to someone else or lie so that you can get a real ID (for example lying about your date of birth or giving fake documents).

If you’re caught doing these things, you could be fined as much as $2,500!

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What is a fake ID?

A fake ID is an ID that:

  • has been made illegally;
  • has been scratched or altered in any way (like to make you seem older); or 
  • doesn’t actually belong to you (like a friend’s or brother’s ID).

What are the accepted forms of ID in South Australia?

In South Australia, you can prove your age using:

  • a driver licence (from SA or interstate); or
  • a proof of age card (from SA or interstate); or
  • a passport from any country; or
  • a photographic Keypass card.

Is it illegal to use a fake ID?

Yes. It’s against the law to use a fake ID or even just lie about your age to try and enter a pub, club or bar, or to buy alcohol or cigarettes. If you are caught doing these things and you’re under 18, you could:

  • be asked to leave the pub, club or bar;
  • be given an informal caution; or
  • be given a formal caution which is recorded; or
  • be charged and have to pay a fine of up to $2,500 if found guilty by a court.

If it is the first time you have been in trouble with police it is likely that you will be issued with an informal or formal caution. For further information on cautions see here. 

Can I lend my ID to someone else?

It’s against the law to give your ID to someone else so that they can use it as a fake ID (e.g. to get into a bar or purchase cigarettes). If you’re over 18 and you’ve given your ID to someone else knowing that they would use it as a fake ID, you could be charged  and have to pay a fine of up to $2,500 if you’re found guilty by a court.

Is it illegal to make a fake ID?

Yes. Making a fake ID is illegal. This includes scratching, changing or forging an ID.

Is it illegal to have a fake ID on me?

In South Australia, if you are caught with a scratched driver’s licence, you could be:

  • given a formal caution; or
  • charged with a crime and fined up to $2,500 if you’re found guilty by a court.  

What if I lie to get real ID?

It’s against the law to lie about your age when applying for a driver’s licence or proof of age card. If you’re caught doing this and you’re under 18, you can get in serious trouble including:

  • a formal caution;
  • a fine of up to $2,500 if you are charged and found guilty by a court.

Do I have to tell the police or security my name, age and address?

It’s also against the law to refuse to give the police your name, address and date of birth.  They are legally allowed to ask you for this if they suspect you are under 18 and trying to get into licensed premises or buy alcohol or cigarettes. If you don’t give them your details, then you could be fined up to $1,250. For more information on your rights when talking to police, please visit our page on police interviews.

Can the security confiscate my ID?

Generally the staff of a pub, club or bar are not allowed to confiscate your ID. However, if the staff believe that you are not over 18 years or age and you do not leave the pub, club or bar it is likely that they will hold onto your ID until police come.

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